At times, A-1 Disposal may need to cancel or postpone collection services due to weather, disasters, acts of God, emergencies or uncontrollable circumstances. Areas that remain unserviceable will be postponed until it is determined that our crews can operate safely and unobstructed. When delays in service occur, our crews will run all accessible routes as normal and continue into the next day until the route is complete. 

During inclement weather, we may communicate with you through email, Facebook and phone calls. We will make every effort to provide service as conditions allow. There will be no adjustment made to your bill for service cancellations or delays due to a situation out of our control, such as weather, unsafe road conditions, etc.


In preparation for the upcoming season, please help us safely and efficiently service your property during inclement weather by following the requests below:

1. Dumpsters and totes need to be placed in an area where they can roll freely. The area must also be salted and free of snow and ice.  This especially applies to accounts that live on a hill or has hills that lead to your home. 

2. Please keep your dumpsters and totes at least 4’ away from mailboxes, posts, signs, buildings, etc. We will be unable to service your account if the dumpster or tote is blocked by snow, parked cars, low wires, etc.

3. Winter weather could change the times you are typically serviced. Please be patient as we will service our customers when conditions are safe.

4. If your road is unsafe or closed, please call the office soon as possible!!


For up to date information concerning delays and cancellations, please call our office at 573-474-2587 or visit our Facebook page. 

Please keep "US" posted if your road is closed due to weather, has not been salted, water over the road, road constrution, etc. This way, we can plan accourdingly.


The decision to delay or postpone routes is one that A-1 Disposal does not take lightly. The safety of our employees and customers is very important to us. We appreciate your cooperation and understanding.